• Small Animal Boarding

  • As well as looking after your cat whilst you are away we are very happy to look after your small animals too. We have excellent small animal boarding facilities for rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises and weather permitting, they will be in an outdoor grassy run during the day but brought inside at night. If you have other small animals such as hamsters, we will happily care for them too, but you must provide a secure cage for them to stay in.

    We are able to provide appropriate dry foods for both rabbits and guinea pigs along with plenty of meadow hay which is obviously vital for their digestion. We also provide carrots and cabbage if required but if your small animal has a special dietary requirement please bring this along. The outdoor grassy area is itself secure and enclosed adding to the security your small animals enjoy whilst they are here giving you peace of mind rather than relying on a neighbour or pet sitter.