• Fees

  • We charge by the day and this includes the first and last days of your pets stay. The cost includes your cats food and heating during the chillier months of the year, but if your cat is on a prescription diet then you should supply this as we are unable to provide it for your cat. If your cat requires medicines to be administered during their stay, we do charge £1 per day for this service no matter how many medicines, this includes insulin for diabetic cats.

    We understand that holiday plans can change, but at the time of booking we will have reserved the accommodation for the whole of your cats stay, so if you decide to pick up earlier than arranged, we will still ask you to pay for the original agreed period.

    To enable us to pay our staff premium rates on Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years day, these 3 days are charged at double the normal daily rate.

    If you need to cancel a booking we would appreciate as much notice as possible, but we will make no charge if at least 14 days notice of  the cancellation is given. If you are unable to give us more than 14 days notice of a cancellation, we will ask you to pay 50% of the total booking fee, to compensate us for the potentially empty accommodation.