• Accommodation

  • We are able to offer several different types of accommodation, allowing you to select what will best suit your cat. There is no difference in price and all cat pens have a draft proof, UPVC, individually heated, sleeping area.

    Hygiene is a very high priority at Greenacre Cattery and all cat pens are scrupulously cleaned and disinfected between guests, using specialist animal safe products. As the cabin is your cat's for the whole day of arrival and collection, you don't have to tie yourself to a specific time for drop off or pick up, as long as it is the agreed day and during opening hours.

  • We take the safety of your cat very seriously and generally have at least 3 doors between your cat and the outside world, with only one door open at a time. The cattery is also extensively alarmed and equipped with security cameras for added peace of mind.

    The run areas are either modern UPVC or more traditional wood depending on what you think your cat would like. Some areas are more suited to elderly cats, which are a particular speciality of the cattery and all vaccinated cats, even those with 3 legs or only one ear, are very welcome.

  • Most of the cat pens are linked via hatches that can be opened or closed to allow cats from the same household to mix if you wish, or just be neighbours if they don't always get along.  We also have 2 family pens, in each of which up to 5 cats can spend their holiday, with the very popular view of the donkeys!

    The owners of the cattery live onsite, so even outside opening hours, 24hr care is still maintained and access to a Veterinary Surgeon is also available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, should it be needed.  In the unlikely event that your cat is unwell and veterinary advice is required, if your usual veterinary surgeon is available, we will make every effort to consult them or if they are not available, we would use our own practice. We believe that this is a very valuable service and not something that a cat sitter popping in, even several times a day, can genuinely provide.

    To allow you to select the best type of pen for your cat please visit any time, as if we are open you're welcome, but do book early.